VISION STATEMENT

Osun Group. is a designer and manufacturer of innovative custom battery and charger systems with the world headquarters located in Shenzhen. Our core value is to design, integrate and manufacture quality components for our customers’ success in an ever increasingly portable world.





Cabinet High Voltage Energy Storage System

● Intelligent software anti-theft design.
● Easy maintenance with SOC(state of charge) and SOH(state of health) detection.
● Positive electrode made of LiFePO4 (LFP), ensuring high safety and a long service life.
●High compatibility, compatible with a variety of communication power supply devices , such as various low-power UPS or other inverter devices.
● High reliability, multiple automatic protection function through intelligent BMS system, Avoid over-charge, over-discharge,  short circuit, which ensures high reliability of the battery pack and enables real-time monitoring of battery data over a long distance.
●Low internal resistance, with efficient internal balance of the battery control circuit.
●Wide operating temperature range: -20°C~60°C.
●Over 90% of discharge efficiency
●Environmental protection and pollution-free materials, no heavy metals, green and environmental protection.


Electric Vehicle Battery

Ebike 500W 350W
Product name: 48V 20Ah E-Bike battery 
Dimensions: 362*115*90mm
Weight: 4.2kg
Warranty: 1 Year
Cycle Life: 1000 Times
Nominal Voltage: 48V
Nominal Capacity: 10Ah/20Ah/customized
Continuous discharge current: 30A(max)
Burst Discharge Current: 40A(adjustable)
Power: 500-1500W
Over-charged Protection Voltage: 4.25±0.025V/Cell(adjustable)
Over -discharged Protection Voltage: 2.50±0.10V/Cell(adjustable)
Charge mode: CC/CV
Max charge Voltage: 42V
Charging Current: 2.0-4.0A
Charging Temperature: 0~45ºC,45~85%RH 
Discharging Temperature: -20~55ºC,45~85%RH
Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Ion Battery
Widely applied in Electric Bicycle, Electric vehicle, Electric Tricycle, Electric scooter, Electric golf trolley, Electric car, Electric wheelchairs,two wheel vehicles and etc. 

Drone Battery

22000mAh 25C 22.2V intelligent UAV battery
1) Endurance capability
2) High discharging plaform
3) Low internal impedance
4) Long service life
5) High Temp.

Capacity: 22000mAh 
Voltage: 14.8V/11.1V/22.2V /Wh: 148Wh/111Wh/222Wh 
Dimension: 46*62*166MM/35*62*166MM/70*62*166MM 
Discharging C Rate: Over 10C continuous, over 30C burst 
Charging C Rate: 3C 
Extra Run Time: Over 150 times  Charging Plug: JST-XH/selected 
Discharging Plug: XT90, XT60,XT150 ect.  
Technology: Korean tech, Nano tech, High voltage tech 
 Charging temperature:  0 C ~ +45 C 
Operating temperature:  -10 C ~ +70 C 
Precision-balanced:  High standard matching cells 
Application: UAV,drone, UAV crop sprayer,multicopters 
Others: Higher MP(Medial Platfo of Voltage), thinner 
Certificates: ROHS, UL, UN38.3 

Portable Power Station

Battery Capacity: 3000Wh(48V/60Ah)
Rated Output: 1800W(220V)/1500W(110V)
AC Output Voltage: 220V/110V
Sine Wave Type: AC Pure Sine Wave
Dimension(mm): 420L*170W*320H
Weight(KG): 20KG 
Charging time: 8H
Life of battery: 3000 cycle and above 
Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Certificate:CE/ISO9001-2008 MSDS UN38.3
Protection: Over-voltage, Over temperature, Overload ,AC short circuit protection

Product Features
1. Work for load power 1800W rated and 3600W max electricity products 
2. Built-in power battery: 2880Wh 
3. Input voltage: 54V 
4. Input current: 8A max 
5. Output DC voltage: 5V USB, 12V 
6. Output AC output: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz (pure sine wave) 
7. Material: ABS+PC 
8. With LED screen to show charging status